Birthdays, Engagements, Anniversaries & More!

At Spirits High Entertainments we love to party! We have vast experience of organising parties whether it’s a family birthday, engagement, anniversary, graduation , the office Christmas party or any other party.

Starting at the teenagers parties when they’ve outgrown the bouncy castles! We can do 18th’s , 21st’s, the big 40 and retirement parties. Engagement parties are always a good time to get the family together, chat about old times and set the couple away on their new journey. The music choice is very much down to you, you’ll have access to the client area to choose a list of “Must Plays”, “Play if possible” and of course a list of “Do not” plays! Your guests can request songs too so they’ll have no excuses for not dancing. On the night we’ll have music  from 50’s swing right up to today’s chart hits and we’ll play the music that you want, after-all it is your party!

You may have noticed the Client Area on the website.  Once booked you’ll be able to log in to your event planner, make any changes, request songs you want and don’t want! Check payments made and when they’re due. We also get your guests involved, you’ll be given a link for your guests to log on and request songs. Don’t worry you still have control over the playlist as you can delete any you don’t want!The music will be played as loud or as quiet as you want it. So, if you’ve not seen someone for a while and want to catch up, then you can without shouting at them!

The actual disco set up can be either a Black or White booth with overhead lighting  and all suited to your venue. Whichever party you’re having we’ll keep the party dancing with our ability to read the crowd and ensure everyone has a great night whatever their age!

Perfect For...

  • Birthdays Parties
  • Engagement Parties
  • Anniversary Parties
  • Christening Parties
  • Retirement Parties

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