Amazing end of year prom’s by Spirits High

The time has come, you’ve finished your exams, spent ages picking out that dress, the guys have deliberated over their Tux. The Limo picks you up and away you go to your Prom to celebrate the great friendships you’ve made with your classmates and of course don’t forget the teachers!

This is the bit where we come in! You’ll probably only get one Prom night and you want to remember it forever. What better way then than a Prom where you choose the music via this interactive website. We’ll guarantee you’ll get the music you want, the shout outs you want and that amazing night you want.  The lightshow is a “Nightclub” rig with moving heads, lasers and of course smoke.

"I would like to say a MASSIVE thank you for going above and beyond to make this prom happen!"
Derby High School for Girls

But not just lighting, How about a Starlight or LED dance floor that will amaze your friends and make your Prom the best ever. Have a look around the website at the other services that would make your Prom a cut above the rest. You could have uplighting on the inside and outside of the building, star-cloths and don’t forget that Red Carpet for the arrival!

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